Who We Are

Core Systems Ltd. is a systems development and a project management consulting company.

Our systems are based on 20 years of experience on projects from a few million to more than a billion dollars capital cost in the oil and gas, pulp an paper, and infrastructure sectors.

Our Core Project Control system is designed to manage projects large and small.

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We provide project controls consulting, assisting clients to get on track eliminating the time consuming trial and error learning method.

What We Do

We think integration is the key to successful business systems.

Our focus is providing project management services and software systems to companies doing Engineering, EP (engineering + procurement), EPCm (EP + construction management), and EPC (EP + construction) work; although, our systems and methods are suitable for most projects.

To achieve this goal we offer the Core Project Control integrated solution and Core Time plus offer support and training.  The combination of system plus support ensures positive results.

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Support Center

Our 24/7 product support is just the beginning.

On-site training is available by knowledgeable personnel. On-line or phone assistance for software issues or for conceptual project issues is available so clients never have to feel on their own to solve problems.

We provide custom programming for interfaces with other systems and custom report programming.

Our intent is to assist in any way we can.

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Our Strategies

Partnership. In order to be successful we need successful clients therefore our strategy is to maintain a partnership mentality with clients.

The right tools. Core Project Control software development has always been guided by customer needs and will continue on that path. 

Our software solutions are designed with flexibility as a cornerstone so regardless of where you are or what the project is clients can be confident they have the right system for the challenge.

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