Are project periods supported? Yes periods are supported and period length is user definable on a project by project basis and a period by period basis
Can estimates be uploaded? Estimates can be uploaded however normally estimates are not in a budget format.  Once the estimates have been put in budget format they can be uploaded into Core Project Control from an Excel file format.
Is the system transaction based? Yes, all transactions (commitments, timesheets, payments, etc.) which require approval are transaction based (similar to a bank transaction).  Any changes required are done by adjusting transactions and have the current period number attached to them to provide an audit trail and ensure changes are not made to a previous period (which would invalidate previously issued reports).  
Why do you say the system is bi-lingual? Core Project Control can be in any language but, in addition, it can produce reports for a given project in two languages.  This is a feature for companies that have clients that use a language different than the company language or for operating in a country where local purchase orders should be in a second language.  
Are there monitory levels of authority for transactions? User definable monitory levels of authority for transaction approval are available.
How many WBS levels are there? There are 5 corporate levels and a maximum of 8 levels within a project for a total of 13 levels.
Is payroll included? We don't provide payroll because there are so many jurisdictions and rules often change on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis.  We do however off custom programming to integrate Core Time to payroll systems at additional cost.
How does scheduling work? Core Project Control and the scheduling software share the same database so changes in Core Project Control can be made visible in the scheduling software and Core Project Control can display some scheduling information.  Scheduling is through third party software - currently MS Project is supported but we are working on Primavera.
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