Online Support

24/7 email and phone support

Our Help screen and detailed user manual are always available but it is reassuring to know that you can call us or email us whenever you need assistance with the software or assistance with a project controls issue.


Three levels of Support:


Custom programming for

interfaces with other systems and for reports  - performed on an hourly basis by our experienced staff who have years of Core Project Control experience.   


Although Core Project Control comes with a complete set of reports occasionally clients have special needs and we are here to assist.  Reports can be programmed to export to spreadsheets if required.


Training Programs

Complete training

Full hands-on training with lessons matched to specific employee needs by discipline.  Lessons designed to target only the those who need to know minimizing client disruption and cost.  Small classes increase effectiveness. 


Project Controls Support

Support whenever issues arise
Occasionally a company has conceptual or procedural project controls issues that it hasn't experienced previously.  This can happen for various reasons such as a new project type, a new client, etc.

We can provide an independent support based on our experience on how to proceed.  Of course in many cases there may not be a 'right' answer but new perspectives can generate potential solutions.



Project Success

We realize project success is more than good project controls ...
but we also know that proper control is essential to project success.  With Core Project Control you can feel confident that you have the information needed to manage your project.  Please visit our Contacts page for more information.


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