Progressing and Variances

Know your project's progress with certainty

Percent complete in Core Project Control can optionally be recorded at two levels below the item level.  This provides an easy  way to record, for example,  the percent complete of individual drawings or individual instruments and the progress of various activities for each instrument's completion without adding this low level detail to cost reports although the result rolls-up to the cost reports.


Experience has shown that recording percent complete at a low level is the best way to know where you are.

Earned Value, Cost Performance Index (CPI), and Earned Commitment

These three values are based on progressing.  Core Project Control provides a structure for very accurate progressing and therefore accurate values for the above variance indicators. 

In addition to the above price and efficiency variances are calculated at the item level.

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The features you need to run a project

Each company is different and has different requirements however best practices dictate the need for consistency and structure at both the project and company level.  To fill this need Core Project Control provides a flexible framework suitable for any engineering or construction contractor so users looking at an old project or a new project are immediately familiar with project reports and screens.


At the highest level the features include cost system, budget, full procurement cycle, timesheet, an interface to scheduling software, and accounting.  Your employees should work as an integrated force, Core Project Control provides the integrated environment.   All the tools required for successful project management and all of the reports needed for proper project insight and to highlight variances in one system.                                                            

Full procurement cycle completes the loop
Because Core Project Control includes cradle to grave procurement there are no loose ends.  Purchase Requisition carries through to Request for Quotation to Purchase Order, Receiving, Warehousing, and finally Accounting and Cheque (there is also shortcut procurement that starts with the Purchase Order for small purchases or where another party issues the order).  At the end of the project there are no loose ends.



Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Core Project Control provides the tools for assuring vendor quality during manufacture up to receipt as well as procurement expediting.  We also provide punch lists for final field quality control check-out.  

Feature List
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Employee Timesheet                                             Core Time Logo

Core Time allows employees to charge time to specific Core Project Control cost codes

No longer is it necessary to accept timesheets with invalid coding or timesheets with general coding.  With Core Time employees see only open projects and only codes within a project to which they have been authorized to charge their time.  Suitable for office timesheet application as well as construction timesheet field application. 


*for more information download the Core Time brochure on the previous page.

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